Life is like a box of chocolates
— Forrest Gump

Eamonn and Sibyl are kinda like a box of chocolates. Fun and full of life. This would be one of the most comical wedding I have done the photography for. Eamonn entering the wedding ceremony on a kids tricycle is just one example of the awesome wedding they had. I'm stoked they took the step into marriage. Just being there I could see the real love they had for each other that I'm sure most of us ether have or hope to have one day. Congrats guys!

So here are a few more images for your viewing pleasure :D


Eamonn + Sibyl _ January 24, 2014.jpg
Eamonn + Sibyl _ January 24, 2014-5.jpg
Eamonn + Sibyl _ January 24, 2014-3.jpg
Eamonn + Sibyl _ January 24, 2014-2.jpg
Eamonn + Sibyl _ January 24, 2014-4.jpg
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