Editing Process

Editing Process

I've always been more interested in taking images rather than the editing of them but I cant deny the power of Photoshop that can change a good image into a great image by subtle adjustments. Here is a quick timeline of a recent portrait shoot I did with Destiny Anderson.

This is the origional image straight from the camera.

The bulk of editing has been done here. A few things I've done: It has been brightened, I have changed her top slightly and smoothed skin tonal changes as well as adding highlights and darkened parts of the image to make the face and hair stand out from the image.

The final step in my process was to make a few final colour changes to the image.

I did this just as an extra edit for fun by layering images to create a sun flare type effect. 

I'm a small town New Zealand boy who grew up on a farm with a Dad who showed me life through a lens. He had a Pentax Film Camera that captured my eye and I've loved photography ever since.