Ben & PJ Lee

I warned these two that I had never done a maternity shoot and that I largely shoot outdoors but they still wanted me. We talked about where to do the shoot and I suggested a few locations but in the end  it all boiled down to photographing these two as naturally as possible. Instead of putting them into a scenic location outdoors that they would never go to or a studio with fake lighting we decided to shoot in PJ's family's home. I'm glad we did as it gave us all an opportunity to have a really relaxed shoot to help with just capturing these two together before their little girl comes into the world in a month or so. I'm really looking forward to meeting her and taking some more photos!

I'm a small town New Zealand boy who grew up on a farm with a Dad who showed me life through a lens. He had a Pentax Film Camera that captured my eye and I've loved photography ever since.