Jay + CJ

The cool thing about this wedding was that both Jay & CJ did the portrait shoot two weeks prior to their wedding so that on their wedding day they could just spend it all celebrating with friends and family.

It was a super fun and relaxed wedding with a massive focus on family and simply enjoying each other which I really appreciated and was held at Aucklands Mantells on the water. The second wedding in a few months I've photographed there.

The hardest thing about this wedding was the fact that it was largely spoken in Korean so I had very little clue as to what was coming next - thankfully I made friends with a few nice people who helped translate and keep me informed about what was coming next. Wedding are always unpredictable but I've never had a language barrier. Although this added an extra complication to the day it also made me feel very alive and focuses because missing a moment was a very real possibility. The thought of missing the "KISS" or some important moment throughout the day terrifies me but I guess at the end of the day people hire me for the moments I see and not just to capture moments like every other photographer. 

I'm a small town New Zealand boy who grew up on a farm with a Dad who showed me life through a lens. He had a Pentax Film Camera that captured my eye and I've loved photography ever since.