Revolution Tour 2014 - AUCKLAND

Revolution Tour 2014 - AUCKLAND

I've been on the Revolution Tour Auckland taking photos for the past two weeks - We had our final night concert last night and I'm in the current state of recovery on a lazy Saturday.

Revolution Tour is a schools tour that focuses on possitive messages and anti bullying through performing arts, personal testimonies and spoken word. Revolution Tour had a band called lz7 from the UK and a motivational Youth Speaker called Reggie Dabbs from the USA to help out over this Auckland leg of the tour so was lots of fun travelling around with them. They are all legends and great guys!

Below is a highlights video of the Tour done by the awesome Josh H:

I was part of an awesome photographic team that was made up of Holly L, Andrew N, Deanna H, and Mat J. Below are some of my own images taken over tour - For more from the whole team checkout the revolution FaceBook page:

Remidee from lz7

Gracie Huirua

Nicole Hedder of Gap5

Jonathan Suavaga of The Revolution Tour Dance Crew

Gap 5 & Reggie Dabbs in a schools program

Gap 5 & Lachy Rodgers

Reggie Dabbs taking a selfie with students

Remidee from lz7

Lindz from lz7

Linda from lz7

Taiva Loane from Gap5

Saffron Hita (Bass Player)

The crew backstage at the VCC concert

Paula Fakalata

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