Rodney + Danielle

My cousin Rodney got married recently and asked me to be part of the day by taking the portrait photo sessions after the ceremony. 

The ceremony was held at Saint Andrews on Hunt St in Whangarei. Family weddings are always special - I try not to photograph for family because I just like being part of the day without working. But in saying that the portrait part of any wedding is my favourite so it's hard to say no when asked. The day was super wet and not ideal for photos but we made the most of it. All the locations we had previously scouted were a bit damp and muddy so we had to cancel a lot of the shoot so I was super gutted but right at the end of the shoot just before we were about to head to the reception the rain got harder and I didn't think I had that one shot that I loved yet so I asked if Rodney and Danielle would be keen to get wet... I know they weren't really but they said yes and got out of the car into torrential rain. I was worried I didn't get the shot but with Rodney and Danielle standing in between two mustangs and the rain plummeting down made for an amazing photo so hopefully it made getting wet worth it.

I'm a small town New Zealand boy who grew up on a farm with a Dad who showed me life through a lens. He had a Pentax Film Camera that captured my eye and I've loved photography ever since.