Timm + Julia Shanks

Timm + Julia

Going to Europe to photograph this wedding started as a joke with my friend Annie Shanks. Timm (Anni’s Brother) jumped on the idea and before you knew it my tickets were booked to Germany.

Now this wedding was something else. I’ve never experienced something so epic in my life so I’ve broken the whole event into different categories as the wedding spanned a week. 

1. State Wedding

2. Mid week portrait session

3. Worship night

4. Church wedding

Day 1

I may be wrong about this but the church and state in Germany are very separate things so getting legally married in a church isn't that easy to do. Instead you can get married in a state approved location. Lucky for me the venue Timm and Julia chose was a hut in the middle of the black forest!

Day 2

We decided to do an adventurous portrait session mid week between the state wedding and the church celebration the following weekend so that Timm and Julia could enjoy friends and family as much as they could without getting dragged away for portrait photos on their celebration/wedding day.

Day 3

Both Timm and Julia have a faith that they hold dearly to so as to honour God and include friends and family in the whole process they decided to hold a worship night.

Day 4 

A week later from when everything first started we now get to the epic celebration / church wedding of Timm and Julia.

Pt.1 - Getting Ready

Pt.2 - Ceremony

In their beautiful home town Altensteig Timm and Julia had the most amazing wedding in an equally incredible building. The crazy thing about this place is that it’s probably older than most history in New Zealand.

Pt.3 - Portraits

We had a quick moment just before the reception to do a few photos in the black forrest

Pt.4 - Reception

Most wedding I’ve been to in New Zealand had relatively early endings after most of the formalities of the reception are over. Well this wedding was basically a concert for the entire night with family items, dances, speeches, eating and then more performances and dancing…  I was well tired by 1am so went home but I heard they went till around 5am in the morning.

I'm a small town New Zealand boy who grew up on a farm with a Dad who showed me life through a lens. He had a Pentax Film Camera that captured my eye and I've loved photography ever since.